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Healing, one story

at a time.

Welcome to Very Happy Stories.

I'm so glad you found me.

I’m Liza Blas, the host of the Very Happy Stories podcast. I’m also a coach and personal Thrive Guide serving parents who are struggling with raising their kids with special circumstances.


I’m raising two unique kids, both suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, hallucinations, ADHD, and OCD.


Just when I thought life couldn’t get any harder, the universe dropped a big ole’ lemon on me when both my kids were diagnosed with Lyme disease. 


To survive my darkest days, I wrote it all down...and I was amazed to discover that these stories are more about gratitude than grievance.


I launched this platform to share my Very Happy Stories with you, to help you feel empowered, motivated, and inspired and to let you know that you’re not alone!


Let’s heal one story at a time.

Your Thrive Guide,

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Amy, Mom of two teens

Her podcast reminded me to look for the silver linings in all situations. I think every parent can relate to Liza's podcast. Can't wait to hear more of her stories!

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