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Three Intentions for Creating More Balance in Life

Balance is not something we find. Balance is something we create. As moms, we wear many hats. My hats include mom, wife, podcaster, coach, friend, daughter, house manager, and the list goes on.

Over the years I have made modifications in my life to help me create and sustain balance. It’s all about energy in and energy out. My energy tank is the indicator of my life being balanced or unbalanced. So, awareness of my sacred energy is the metric I use to modify and shift. Here are three intentions I live by to create more balance.

1. Get rid of dead weight.

When I attempt a balancing yoga pose, I don’t carry around dead weight (like a dumbbell) to sustain my balance. The dumbbell would make it more challenging. When I create balance in life, I routinely eliminate the dead weight as well. This is similar to purging, only I extend this practice to people, places and things. There are elements in our lives that continuously use up our energy, without giving us useful energy in return. If you identify the dead weight in your life, eliminate it. It’s just harder, more difficult to sustain balance when you are weighted down by something in your life that doesn’t have a purpose. If the weight doesn’t serve you, drop it. Let go. Your balance will be more free flowing.

2. Invest in energizers.

Since I am raising kids with special circumstances (anxiety, ADHD, Lyme, PANS, OCD) I find myself utilizing a lot of my energy to focus on their medical needs – anything from IEPs to medical teams and new protocols. The attention to these needs can leave me depleted, so is it vital to invest in areas that bring me renewed energy. For instance, there are parts of my life that renew my spirit. Creative play brings in energy. Laughter, exercise, dancing, painting, writing, podcasting… I’ve found many creative outlets to give me the hits of spark to balance out the responsibilities and challenges in my day. When life feels extra hard, set the intention to bring in more vitality and joy into your life. Make investments in the things that energize you.

3. Be selective where you give your sacred energy.

At the end of the day, remember that your energy is sacred. You don’t just toss it around here and there for all to use. That would lead to a life of unbalance. You have the choice on how to use your energy and how to restore it, whether it be by rest, recharging or re-energizing. Balance requires little shifts and modifications here and there. Be mindful which areas give you more energy and which areas leave you depleted. It just takes awareness. Slow down during the day and be more intentional with your energy.

Life is a true balancing act. And balance is not a constant pose. Balance is a practice. Keep modifying. Keep shifting. Keep being intentional.

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