Liza shares her messages of Personal Empowerment and Family Healing through speaking engagements. Secure Liza as a speaker at your next summit, seminar and podcast. She is available via zoom / webinar and also in-person.

Below is short list of Liza’s recordings. Contact Liza for Public Speaking.

Mindful Mama Mentor YouTube

When Mom’s Happy, Everyone’s Happy

Adversity Bites

You Just Keep Going with Liza Blas

The Brown Baggin It Show

Persuasion through Storytelling with Liza Blas

Mindful Mama Mentor Podcast

Parenting Kids with Neurological Differences with Liza Blas

Joyful Courage

Parenting through Chronic Illness with Liza Blas

Tick Boot Camp

Powering Through Lyme - an Interview with Ava Passarelli and Liza Blas

Parenting ADHD & Autism with Penny Williams

PAP 115: Finding Joy in Families with Extra Challenges with Liza Blas


You Can Thrive with Chronic Illness and Special Needs

Child Life on Call

Episode 69 | Liza’s Story – A Daughter with Lyme Disease

The Connected Mom Life

EP 35: Helping our Kids Manage their Anxious Moments with Liza Blas

Parenting Impossible

Episode 95: Self-Love and Finding True Happiness with Liza Blas

Changing Your Dreams

15. After Acceptance with Liza Blas

Stepping Into Health: Be Inspired. Be Well.

Raising Kids with Lyme & More with Liza Blas