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I was at the top of my game. Closing deals and developing properties as a commercial real estate broker. Raising two amazing kids with a loving husband. 


Then, during elementary school, both my daughter and my son began suffering from chronic illnesses and frequent bouts of anxiety. Coping with the growing list of illnesses and special needs became a struggle, one that began to impact our entire household.

ADHD, OCD, sensory processing, chronic fatigue, depression, hallucinations, suicidal ideation, and Lyme disease.

I’ve dealt with this entire list and much more over the last five years, and it almost left me broken. 


I once told my daughter’s therapist that I was worried about my daughter not feeling the desire to be happy. He asked her what would make her happy, and her response was simple:

I'll be happy if my mom is happy. 

It took a moment for the significance of her comment to sink in: my own emotional state strongly impacts my daughter’s. It changed our lives.

I began a journey to discover what brings me joy, for myself, and also for the impact my own joy has on my family. 

I discovered that, for me, happiness comes from sharing stories that, while usually rooted in challenging topics, bring light out of darkness, lifting and providing validation, connection, and community to parents with similar struggles.


I left commercial real estate behind and started a new venture,

Very Happy Stories. 

My Podcast

Every episode of the Very Happy Stories podcast features a story and a conversation that lifts you. You’ll hear personal stories of struggle that close with  gratitude over grievance. My inspirational guests include moms just like you, self-healers and industry experts. Each episode sparks hope, validation, and empowerment. Let’s heal, one story at a time.

Born out of a mother and child wishing for the same gift for each other: the gift of happiness.

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