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It brings me great joy to help other mothers step out of hopelessness and despair and walk into personal empowerment.  I am so grateful for this unique opportunity. Here are some Very Happy Stories of women who have benefited from my work.


Liza’s mentoring group was exactly what I’ve been needing after more than 5 years of walking this journey of multiple kids with Lyme/PANS. Liza was so knowledgeable in walking us through different modules on learning to take care of ourselves and be better equipped to help our kids. It is apparent she has done so much hard work on herself and that sense of peace and calm rubs off onto all those around her.


Liza’s support group pulled me from the depths of my lowest point. Throughout my daughter’s journey, I had become a shell of who I used to be.

I knew it and I felt it every day, but I could not figure out how to get myself back. Through Liza‘s coaching and support, I learned how to turn inward

and was able to find myself again.


Liza’s real-life approach to solving day-to-day problems is very practical and purposeful. My biggest take-away is the fact that our reactions impact our kids’ reactions more than we realize. Liza is a fantastic coach, supporter, and mentor. Using her real-life experiences, she provides support and coaching that is realistic, validating, and empowering! 


Liza has been a breath of fresh air! Not only can she relate in real life to what PANS/LYME families go through, she has a natural ability to help you actually stop and refocus on what you CAN control in this uncontrollable disease. She is uplifting, but also understanding and acknowledges the hardships and reality that we as parents of neurodivergent children live each and every moment. Highly recommend inviting Liza into your life if you are ready to make a change for the better! 

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